Our heating cables comply with the IEE 17th Edition Electrical Regulations and Part P of the Building Regulations.

User friendly Installation instructions are supplied with all products and these ensure the installer has the information required to complete a satisfactory installation compliant with the Regulations

FloorheatPro mat and cable heating systems are durable and suitable for use by both the professional installer and DIY enthusiast. The mat or cable employs a dual core heating element design with only one power lead to connect to the thermostat / electrical supply.

Low profile, uniform spacing and evenly distributed heat
Heating elements are thin to provide a low profile in the floor. The undertile heating mat carries the heating element on a strong fibreglass mesh 500mm wide. The heating cable is fixed onto the mesh with uniform spacing to give evenly distributed heat. Most installations can be completed in only a few hours due to the ease of rolling out the matting side by side. The installation instructions describe this simple procedure.

Design & Installation Flexibility
You can combine more than one mat or reel of cable to cover the floor area available. Each mat and cable comes with a 3 metres long cold connection lead wire, and when multiple circuits are needed the lead wires are connected electrically in parallel. Our undertile heating mats can be cut and turned with ease to run in strips side by side.

When it is required to run some of the heating element into a recess, awkward area, or to simply bridge a gap, the heating element can be removed from the backing mesh and fixed to the floor with fixing tape. Depending on the amount of cable being removed, a portion of the mesh can be completely cut away and discarded.

The cold power connection lead is 100% steel armoured for mechanical and electrical safety and it is 3 metres long. The length of the connection lead is important, as it helps the installer, adding extra design flexibility when laying the mat out on the floor and connecting with the electrical supply. 

Be careful. Avoid mats with shorter connection leads (2m or 2.5m) and with no steel armouring/sheilding. In fast developing markets the opportunity to lower standards in order to gain price advantage is always present, and as a result we can see the introduction of both premium and budget products with shorter leads, and without any armouring for electrical and mechanical protection.

Always check the accreditations, validity, approvals and track record of your source of supply. Ask your installer.
If he has installed underfloor heating before he will know the differences and give his advice in addition to our own recommendations

Large Selection of Sizes
Mats are available in outputs of 150 and 200 watts per square metre and a large range of sizes allows you to select the ideal underfloor heating system whatever your room dimensions or shape.

Approvals, Guarantee and Safety
Floorheatpro systems are CE approved and come with a Lifetime Guarantee on both the heating systems and thermostats. All our heating cables meet the stringent quality standards specified by major markets like the United Kingdom, EU and North America. UL approval in the USA and Certified by Intertek SEMKO against IEC / EN 60335 standards.

The undertile mat system is designed to be installed with the heating elements on the underside of the fiberglass mesh. This method is approved by professional installers. The heating elements are shielded by the mesh from sharp trowels.

Tile & Stone Floors
200w/sqm undertile heating mats offer a quicker warm up time than 150w/sqm and are suitable for use beneath tile and stone coverings, where they can provide primary heating in most rooms, including conservatories. When using 200w/sqm mats as a primary heat source on a concrete subfloor, it is recommended to apply 6mm thick Floorheatpro Premium XPS insulation boards prior to installing the heating mat(s), providing there are no floor height restrictions. A 6mm layer of Floorheatpro Premium XPS insulation board is an excellent thermal barrier, and this prevents downward heat loss during initial heat up and operation of the heating system. Please refer to the Blue Tip accreditation

Improving the carbon footprint - Blue Tip accreditation refers
Both the 200 or 150w/sqm undertile heating mats are suitable for use with Floorheatpro Premium XPS 6mm thick insulation boards. It is not a mandatory requirement, but installed on a concrete floor it offers maximum benefits. When installed directly beneath the heating and tiled floor, 6mm thick Floorheatpro Oremium XPS insulation board reduces heat up time, increases system efficiency and saves running costs.

Loose Cable Systems
The loose heating cable is rated at 10w/m and is the same cable as used in the heating mats.

The reason for the sucess of the loose cable system was the ability to provide the installer with layout flexibility, especially in smaller awkward areas with obstacles, such as en-suites and shower rooms. However, loose cable systems require more time to install than a mat and as a result are normally avoided in larger areas.

The cable comes on a reel and is dispensed from the reel directly onto the floor with evenly spaced runs of cable to achieve the required watts density (w/sqm) on the floor. To simplify installation, Floorheatpro supply a similar range to the WarmUp sizes.

WarmUp were the first company in the UK to introduce the loose cable system to the underfloor heating market in a form packaged for retail. That was many years ago and still today they have a similar range of cable available, comprising of just four (4) lengths with the maximum at 80 metres (800 watts). The Floorheatpro longest standardised length is 82 metres (820 watts). As WarmUp has successfully proved, it was never found necessary to have a wider range, but whenever the installer wanted to cover a larger area with loose cable it was a simple job to install dual circuits (e.g. 2 x 82m). Two (2) x 82m long cables would be suitable to cover an area of over 10sqm with a rating of 160 watts/sqm. 

How to start
Plan the installation. Sketch a general view of the room and mark the area to be covered by the heating. Avoid heating under units and sanitary ware or any other item with a permanent footprint. It is important you do not select a mat or cable that is too large for your room. The heating element cannot be cut therefore always select a mat or cable size that is at least 10% less than the floor area you are heating.The above are guide notes only. Please always follow the advice given in the installation instructions.

Full technical support is available at all times – Free Phone 0800 211 8248 for help


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