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Always consider insulation as a thermal barrier prior to installing your underfloor heating and tiles on a concrete floor – floor insulation will provide greater response to temperature change meaning faster heat up and lower running costs. No matter how much insulation is installed below the top screed of a concrete floor, insulation board installed on top of the screed will provide a thermal barrier and improve heating efficiency. Insulating floors in this way produces a real payback on your running costs.
Cement finished tile backer boards are suitable for both concrete and wooden floors and are available in 6mm and 10mm thickness. On wooden floors a minimum 10mm thick cement finished tile backer board is recommended. 10mm thick cement finished tile backer boards are also used to strengthen a wooden floor, being waterproof and having greater stability than plywood. However, concrete floors are already solid, therefore the most cost effective solution for a low profile thermal barrier is to install a 6mm thick layer of Floorheatpro Premium XPS Insulation board prior to installing your undertile heating system. In order to achieve the performance needed it is not necessary to install thicker layers of insulation, or boards with a cement finish at additional cost.

Concrete floors without a thermal barrier will absorb around 30% of the heat energy downwards until stabilisation of the installed heat energy takes place. This is normally not a problem because as a minimum, most floors will have insulation below the top screed, but the time taken for the heating to stabilise will be longer than a floor with insulation board placed directly under the heating. 
All items shown below are included in FLOORHEATPRO undertile heating mat kits
Lifetime Warranty
Roller for priming floors
Protective Conduit for Thermostat Floor Probe
Floor Probe for Thermostat
Dual Purpose Primer & Floor Insulating Paint
Touchscreen Thermostat (white or silver)
Adhesive tape
Heating mat(s)
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