FloorheatPro Premium XPS insulation (6mm thick)

If you have a sub-floor with no height issues, 6mm thick FloorheatPro Premium XPS insulation is the most economical solution for a low profile thermal barrier which can be applied to the sub-floor, prior to installing your undertile heating system. In order to achieve the performance needed it is not necessary to install thicker layers of insulation, or boards with a cement finish at additional cost.

Should the floor level (height) require increasing by more, or levelling, this can be achieved by laying a screed before applying the 6mm layer of FloorheatPro Premium XPS insulation. Please consult your builder or project
co-ordinator. A 10mm thick FloorheatPro Premium XPS insulation board is also available when it is desired. 

FloorheatPro Premium XPS insulation sheet has a high compression strength and thermal conductivity in accordance with BS EN 13164 which is equal to construction boards with a cement finish, and is a fraction of the cost. This is a real cost benefit on any project, and our experience and feedback from installers has been 100% positive over a period of 5 years.
FloorheatPro XPS insulation is premium grade and can be easily recognised by its blue colour.

Floorheatpro Premium XPS insulation board will give you the benefit of a thermal barrier without compromising the quality and finish of the levelling compound, tile adhesives and grouts used in the tile installation. FloorheatPro Premium XPS insulation enhances the performance of the underfloor heating by maximising temperature response when heat is needed. This is exactly what your underfloor heating system requires for the most economical operation.

FloorheatPro Premium XPS insulation ensures most of the heat will be directed upwards rather than partially absorbed by the sub-floor during initial heat up, and is especially beneficial on concrete floors. It is not suitable for direct installation onto wooden floor boards but can be installed direct onto reinforced chipboard or plywood sub-floors. All floors should be level.

FloorheatPro Premium XPS insulation is not a mandatory requirement, but installed directly under the heating and tiled floor, it reduces heat up time, increases system efficiency and saves running costs. Due to its positioning in the floor it provides a thermal barrier which will benefit your underfloor heating system and is not dependent on the amount of insulation installed under the sub-floor screed.

Tilebacker Boards
As well as insulating the floor, cement finished tilebacker board is used to reinforce floors. A concrete floor is already firm and strong and therefore to provide a thermal barrier to achieve the above benefits, XPS board is the most economical solution. Tilebacker board in both 6 and 10mm thickness is available on this website.

Although the cement layer is only thin, the cement finish of tilebacker construction board absorbs some of the heat during the initial heat up stage, reducing system efficiency, and these boards are at a much greater cost than Premium XPS insulation.



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